Election Platform

Bill Bauer’s Re-election Platform

  • Increase the tax base to decrease the tax rate by attracting, and retaining new businesses and development by accelerating the approval process to expedite the start of construction.
  • Retain existing businesses by addressing their concerns.
  • I have reviewed and negotiated private engineering and construction contracts on behalf of the Town for cost-cutting initiatives, material substitutions and VECPs (Value Engineering Cost Proposals)
  • I meticulously review the need for outside consultants and self-perform as much work in-house with our current workforce as possible. The town should utilize the talented individuals that they currently employ on smaller projects, instead of outsourcing to private companies. We have several private – public partnership projects in progress.
  • Town government is more open and ethical. Every town employee does have to attend annual ethics training and uphold an ethics code that ties to employment along with the mandated sexual harassment training.
  • Equipment that is excessively under utilized is being sold to bring money back to the town.
  • I am the Town’s liaison on infrastructure and building construction and repairs, and participate in the grant application process for future funding requests.
  • Maximize the current federal funding from Covid Relief to rebuild recreational facilities, rebuild roads and upgrade the sanitary sewer interceptor piping to relieve periodic flooding issues.
  • Upgrade neighborhood playgrounds.
  • BILL BAUER for West Seneca Town Council. Progress not promises.