Burke/Bauer Joint News Release

March 17, 2020
Emily Marcus (Burke): (716) 218-9391
Bill Bauer: (716) 570-6371
Joint Release
Burke, Bauer collaborate to repair Burchfield Nature & Art Center
At Thursday’s Town Board Meeting, Councilmembers Bill Bauer and Joe Cantafio will announce plans to restore and re-open the Burchfield Nature and Art Center on Union Road in West Seneca. These plans include timelines, funding and a detailed outline of the work to be completed.

Bauer and Cantafio also announced that a major portion of the project will be funded by a grant secured by New York State Assemblyman Pat Burke. “One of the primary setbacks for this project in the past has been cost and figuring out how to fund it without putting any additional burden on the taxpayers of West Seneca,” said Assemblyman Pat Burke. “Fortunately, Councilman Bauer’s business background allowed him to create a plan to dramatically reduce the cost, and I was able to secure $100,000 in state funding to complete the project.”
“With the ability to utilize the talents of our current workforce and to concentrate on just the structural damage to the building, we were able to significantly reduce the costs of the repair and accelerate the opening of the building for public use again,” said Councilman Bauer. “To be able to have the Burchfield Art and Nature Center a bustling hub of activity again at no additional cost to the taxpayers of West Seneca, will be quite an accomplishment.”
West Seneca Councilman Joe Cantafio stated “We are fortunate to have Bill Bauer as our councilman. His background in business and construction has already saved the taxpayer thousands of dollars. I am also thankful that Assemblyman Burke understands the priorities of West Seneca residents and once again came through for us.” The project is slated to be completed this fall.

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