3/30/20 Board Meeting- BNAC

I would like to give the West Seneca taxpayers a short update of the 3/30/20 Town Board meeting. The Town Board passed, in a 3 -2 vote, to accept the NYS funding of $100,000 from Assemblyman Patrick Burke to cover the cost of the needed structural repairs for 2020. The work will be performed by the Town of West Seneca Highway and Buildings and Grounds department employees and equipment and will have oversight by a professional structural engineer, the Town Engineering, Code Enforcement, Finance and Highway Department. A monthly progress report and budget oversight will be submitted to the Town Board for publication.  There will be no additional cost to the taxpayers of West Seneca to bring this building back to a fully functioning facility. A delay in approving the acceptance of the funding would have risked the $100,000.00 to be pulled from the Town of West Seneca and be given to another municipality.

The work on this project will not proceed until the current Corona virus pandemic is under control, the West Seneca town employees are back to their jobs and until the funding from DASNY (Dormitory Authority) is released to the Town of West Seneca.  The vast majority of the town residents that I have been in contact with over this issue are in favor or repairing the Burchfield at no cost to the taxpayers, as opposed to having the taxpayers fund the demolition of the building themselves.

I have been elected to represent all the residents of the Town of West Seneca, be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers and work to make West Seneca a better place to live. Repairing our fixed assets, maximizing our workforce productivity and doing so at no additional cost to our taxpayers is exactly what I was elected to do. Now is not the time for promises, it’s the time for progress.

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