The Term Limits Law

comments by Councilman Bill Bauer:

​I have full faith in the taxpayers and voters of the Town of West Seneca in their ability to ascertain the capabilities and talents of the candidates that they elect or reject on election day. It is the obligation and privilege of the registered voters of the Town of West Seneca to limit the term of every elected official that works for the Town. That responsibility should not be borne by the Town Board of West Seneca.​The Town’s business structure is similar to that of a corporation in the private industry. In the private industry, it is the responsibility and duty of the upper management level of the corporation to hire and retain the most talented and conscientious managers, within an acceptable budget, to collectively as a team, run the business to make it as successful with controlled growth and sustainability. If the term limits, as proposed by Councilman Piekarec, were enacted into this business model that would mean that every 4 years, it would be a requirement to FIRE 50% of the upper management of the business, including the Chief Executive Officer. And this process would continue on for every 4 years. This would destroy the pool of talented managers that you strive to retain, the people that you are depending on to move your organization to the next level of success and obliterate the possibility of long-term continuous success. In a successful business, it is always beneficial to hire and nurture the most talented employees that you can and retain them in your employment for as long as they continue to be solid performers.​I had the privilege over the past weekend to speak with a retired town employee that has an exceptional performance resume with the Town of West Seneca and is the epitome of service and respect in our community. This alumnus had served 3 terms, 12 years, on the Town Board as a councilperson and then went on to serve 3 additional terms, 12 years, as Supervisor for the Town of West Seneca. The taxpayers and voters elected and re-elected this individual to 6 continuous terms of office, for a total 24 years of service to this Town. This example of strength, resilience and service to our community is Ms. Joan Lillis. I have permission from Joan Lillis to let you know that she is also against term limits for the elected officials of the Town of West Seneca. For all of these reasons, I am against term limits being imposed on the elected officials of the Town of West Seneca. At the June 14th Town Board meeting it was voted on to hold a public meeting at July 12th Town Board meeting to hear the public’s comments on the issue of term limits for the positions of the Town Supervisor and the town board members. It will be voted on by the town board members either after the closing of the public meeting on July 12th or possibly at the following town board meeting.

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