Election Platform

Bill Bauer’s Election Platform

  • Increase the tax base by attracting, welcoming and retaining new businesses and development by accelerating the approval process to expedite the start of construction.
  • Retain existing businesses by addressing their concerns and mediating a solution on a one-on-one basis.
  • Aggressively pursue the re-development of the former Seneca Mall site by continuing my current open positive dialogue with the property owners of the site, which would allow the Town to increase its tax base. Utilizing my 40 years of infrastructure and development management experience, I have a personal goal to get a shovel in the ground to start development prior to November of 2021.
  • Review and negotiate private engineering and construction contracts on behalf of the Town for cost-cutting initiatives, material substitutions and VECPs (Value Engineering Cost Proposals)
  • Meticulously review the need for outside consultants and self-perform as much work in-house with our current workforce as possible. The town should utilize the talented individuals that they currently employ on smaller projects, instead of outsourcing to private companies.
  • Town government needs to be more open and ethical. Every town employee should have to attend annual ethics training and uphold an ethics code that ties to employment along with the mandated sexual harassment training.
  • Initiate a program to inventory and evaluate the market value of the equipment owned by the town, track the cost of repairs for each piece of equipment and determine if keeping the equipment is cost effective compared to purchasing new or renting for short-term periods.
  • Equipment that is excessively underutilized should be sold to bring money back to the Town.
  • I would like to be the Town’s liaison on infrastructure and building construction and repairs, as well as participate in the grant application process for future funding requests.
  • Actively participate in future collective bargaining agreements with signatory town unions. I have almost 20 years of experience in negotiating collective bargaining agreements between unions and owners.
    Develop target dates for the implementation of the goals detailed in the Town’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan and follow through with the execution of these tasks when they are financially achievable.


West Seneca Town Council